Land Transport

Covered Truck: Around 25 trucks for carrying palletize and break bulk cargoes, to/from CIS, Afghanistan, Caucasian countries, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, Europe, etc.
Jumbo Trucks: For Break Bulk and loose cargoes, there are trucks of 100 to 105 m2 capacity called Jumbo trucks. Jumbo trucks are designed to carry the maximum weight of 25 MT and are suitable for break bulk and loose cargo’s.

Car Carrier: Carrying automobiles to Afghanistan, CIS, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, and any required destination.
Reefer Truck: Around 23 trucks who have contract with us for carrying perishable products such as meat, chicken, food stuff, flowers, medicines, fruit, vegetables … which need to be kept in certain temperature.

Transportation routes: Land Transport to CIS, Afghanistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Russia, European countries, Armenia, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and other places in CIS.

Cistern Truck: Around 26 cistern trucks for carrying hazardous fluids.

ISO Tanks: We use our ISO Tanks to transport all dangerous and non-dangerous chemical products. These tanks can contain dangerous products of class 3 and 4. Our qualified drivers are trained and have required license for handling dangerous cargoes. In addition, dangerous products of class 5,6,7,8, and 9 are carried in sealed containers from origin to destination. For carrying dangerous products, insurance is necessary. According to CMR convention we insure dangerous products (carrier’s liability insurance).

Low-bed Trucks: Trucks with 3-5-7-11- axels for heavy-lift, out-of-gauge, traffic cargoes or other cargoes which need low-bed.

Heavy Lift: Trucks with 3, 5, 7, 11 axels and expandable buggies are used for overweight cargoes.

Carrying by Gen-Set: We carry sealed reefer containers by trucks with Gen Set to required destination and bring back the container to origin. In this case, total weight must be 29 MT (cargo + container). For destinations in CIS except Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan which have weight limitation, maximum weight should be 26MT ( cargo + container + 1MT Gen Set). Reefer cargoes will be carried with required temperature and cargo insurance, so in case of any damages, according to CMR convention,

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